Maired & Tom

14 Days - 1 Countries - 4 Destinations

Both Mairead and Tom are real explorers with adventurous spirits and a strong love and appreciation for the natural world. When they told us they wanted to reconnect with nature and the world’s amazing fauna population, we set out to create a once-in-a-lifetime nature experience they’d never forget.

This meant sending Mairead and Tom into the heart of the world’s most famous rainforest: the Amazon!

Filled with intrigue and adventure, our blind honeymoon led them through some of Brazil’s most beautiful cities including Salvador, Manaus and Fortaleza. We also surprised them with experiences they’d never even imagined. We bet they never thought they’d be catching alligators on the Rio River in the midst of the night!

We also arranged amazing Amazon accommodation including bungalows on stilts in the middle of the rainforest, delicious seafood dinners overlooking the ocean, and beautiful sunsets on the dunes of Jericoquara, where Mairead and Tom could lose themselves dancing and enjoy being a newly married couple.


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