Luca & Angio

14 Days - 2 Countries - 6 Destinations

Luca & Angio have many dreams and we managed to make one of them come true! Last August they left for their Blind Honeymoon in the land of Rising Sun. Every country has a unique culture, There is no sense in saying that one country is more unique than another. Except when it comes to Japan.

Japan has many things in common with Asia however, in some ways, it also resembles Europe or even US.  In many other ways Japan is truly unique and it was the secret destination Luca & Angio have always dreamt of.


3 days in rural Nara learning everything about ancient Japanese life from the words of a wise Ninja!  

Cooking lesson with Yuca in Tokyo, a Tea Ceremony in Kyoto and early morning prayers with Buddhist monks in Mt Koyasan, was only a few of the activities we organised for them.

What they truly were not expecting, was the private Island of Cempedak which was all for themselves, where they spent 5 days in total relax with the last romantic dinner gazing at the endless sky…


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