Ambra & Jay

21 Days - 4 Countries - 8 Destinations

Our first blind honeymooners ever, Ambra and Jacopo were in for the ride of their lives. Both Ambra and Jacopo have huge adventurous spirits and were hoping to create long-lasting memories together. Ambra is a great dancer, and Jacopo is an excellent photographer. With all of this in mind, we put our heads together to come up with the perfect blind honeymoon: the ultimate African adventure, complete with Gorilla trekking!

First stop on their surprise holiday was Zambia, home of abundant wildlife and a wilderness like no other. In Zambia, Ambra and Jacopo visited the famous Victoria Falls where they swam in the Devil’s Pool.

Ambra and Jacopo also visited Tanzania, famous for its wildlife and fascinating culture, and Uganda, home to endangered animals including rare birds and chimpanzees and known for its diverse and beautiful landscapes including snow-capped mountains and the gigantic Lake Victoria.

The last leg of their blind itinerary was Egypt, where Ambra and Jacopo saw the phenomenal sites of the Sphynx and ancient pyramids and enjoyed a full day rafting tour down the Nile.

"Cari amici di Blind Experiences, il nostro viaggio è ormai terminato. La bellezza e soprattutto la dignità delle terre esplorate e vissute ci ha donato una nuova, spettacolare energia. E’ stato tutto semplicemente INTENSO. Grazie per il tempo che avete dedicato ad organizzare con cura ogni singola tappa,



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